Installing marvel to use Sense

I recently started working with ElasticSearch for its awesome text search capability. It was pretty easy to install and there is almost no configuration required to get started. I explained the steps here.

To execute queries ElasticSearch provides a json based REST API. After trying out few tools like Postman, Curl, etc. I found Sense – a chrome plugin, probably the best tool/IDE to get started with ElasticSearch queries.

Unfortunately, Sense was recently removed from the Chrome Store. It is now part of marveland marvel is a commercial plugin for ElasticSearch. But still its free to try in development.

Installing marvel

Since I installed ElasticSearch using Homebrew, I can get the installation path using the following command:

brew info elasticsearch

The output should look like this:

In this case, we need to move to /usr/local/Cellar/elasticsearch/1.1.1/bin/ path. Then run plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest to install marvel.

After installation, we can use the Sense tool from the following URL:

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