Gesture Toolkit

I developed the GestureToolkit as part of my Masters thesis at ASE group in University of Calgary. It simplifies developing applications for large screen multi-touch devices in WPF and Silverlight.

Some of the key features include a domain-specific language (DSL) to define gestures, a device independent framework that allows application to run on different devices (i.e. Microsoft Surface, SMART Tables, etc.) and a test framework.

Source code: shahedk/gesturetoolkit

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A free-hand sketch-enabled multi-user UML Diagram designer. It offers natural freehand drawing with pen interface and on-the-fly drawing detection, which creates a whole new era in UML design experience. A team of four including myself develop the application as part of our B. Sc. Thesis.


  • Pen Interface – Freehand Drawing
  • Enhanced mouse mode with behavior prediction
  • Introduce symbol automatically at the end of connector<l/i>
  • In-place innovative symbol and connector editor
  • Exciting UML symbols that adds life to your diagrams and printouts

The source code and documentations are available at: